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With my clients I create a safe, fun but efficient space for them to design a life that they feel energised living.


Coaching is a partnership designed by you and your coach. It is meant to be safe, enjoyable and efficient in helping you develop skills and strategies to overcome life and work challenges, learn about yourself, be kind to yourself, and leverage your natural talents and strengths.

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ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching specifically caters for people showing traits of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a brain difference wrongly assumed by many to affect only children, and which impacts so many aspects of everyday life that traditional coaching methods will usually not be effective.

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ADHD Psychoeducation

Sometimes, just getting a better understanding of ADHD traits and of how and why they show up in daily life, can make a huge difference. These sessions are particularly helpful to families and friends of adults with ADHD .


                 is a partnership designed by you and your coach. It is meant to be safe, enjoyable and efficient in helping you develop skills and strategies to overcome life and work challenges, learn about yourself, and leverage your natural talents and strengths.

Coaching with me is always exploratory: we co-create the headspace and bandwidth for your big (and less big) decisions, learn how to find and reactivate focus in pursuing personal and professional goals, and manage your energy. Your coaching time is a designed pause.

You may benefit from coaching if:

  • you are usually creative and prolific but lately, your creative flow is blocked

  • you want to give yourself permission to stop, think, gauge and experiment with new ways of thinking and being

  • you often feel busy but much less often productive

  • you would be an entrepreneur, if only you dared

  • you have never been very good at setting boundaries whether at work or at home

  • you feel like an outsider at work, like a "square peg in a round hole"

  • you want to develop new habits that stick, but nothing you have tried so far works

  • you need to change some of your default patterns and mechanisms for handling certain life situations

  • you want a better work/life balance but you don't know where to start

  • you need the perfect routine for your chosen lifestyle, but you're not sure what that is

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                             specifically caters for people showing traits of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a brain difference that many people still wrongly assume is only seen children when it is in fact a lifespan issue.

ADHD coaching 

People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or ADHD traits typically struggle with things such as organising, planning, memory, self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation or follow-through. Those helpful brain functions (called 'executive functions') are chronically impaired by ADHD.

Individuals impacted by ADHD usually go to a specialised coach to become more proficient at these essential life skills, because traditional coaching tools and techniques do not help them. Properly understood and tamed, a person's unique brain can go from being a thorn to being a true advantage.

ADHD coaching is designed to help you find the right formula, the one that works for you - not your friend, not your colleague, not the people you follow on Instragram. Everyone is different and everyone who has ADHD, although they share similar traits, is also different. 

You may benefit from ADHD coaching if:

  • you have lots of projects and ideas but often feel so overwhelmed by them that you never get started

  • your energy levels are very variable - you feel like a 'serial sprinter' rather than a 'marathon runner'

  • you usually accomplish tasks 'last minute' no matter how much you know that it is not a sustainable way of living

  • you forget so many things that people see you as unreliable, but deep down you know you are reliable

  • you have difficulty planning and organising your time, and some days you have no idea where your time went 

  • boredom can be almost physically painful to you, and you avoid commitments or tasks that bore you

  • you have difficulty transitioning from one task to another, and prefer having big blocks of uninterrupted time

  • you feel like it takes a lot more energy just to handle everyday tasks that other people seem to find easy

  • you often interrupt others because you worry that you will forget what you wanted to say if you wait

  • you find yourself in and out of routines and habits and would like to learn how to make some of them 'stick'

  • you usually know what you should be doing, but it feels like your brain will not let you

ADHD Coaching

ADHD psychoeducation 

                                          is designed as a solution-oriented learning experience for ADHD-impacted individuals and their circle to better understand why the ADHD brain works the way it does, and explore techniques and resources that go a long way.

Having heard many of my ADHD coaching clients say that their lives would be so much easier if their partner, their family, their colleagues could understand how their brain works and how it feels to be in their shoes. By learning about the traits and how and why they show up in your or another person's life, you will develop the necessary understanding and compassion to feel equipped to live with (someone's) ADHD / ADHD traits.

You may benefit from ADHD psychoeducation if you or someone close to you has ADHD or ADHD traits (partner, sibling, child, parent, friend, colleague).

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