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I help companies and their employees navigate and understand the power of

cognitive diversity, neurodiversity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), 

and why no company can truly prosper without learning this.


Diversity breeds innovation.


Successful companies want to embed diversity in their corporate culture.


The very successful ones are already mixing cognitive profiles in teams - some to the extent that they are actively seeking neuroatypical individuals (with brain differences such as ADHD, autism-spectrum disorder, or dyslexia).


Those employers understand what particular strengths atypical employees can bring to organisations.


Do you? 

With the right kind of support, your atypical employees can bring your teams limitless innovation and unexpected productivity.

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mondaycoach offers custom support and solutions to your company

in and around the design of 

your (neuro)inclusive workplace.


mondaycoach provides (online and on-site) awareness trainings and workshops on (neuro)diversity in the workplace.


mondaycoach supports your teams impacted by (neuro)diversity challenges through specialised coaching and psychoeducation.


mondaycoach advisory services are delivered in the form of strategic support and solutions tailored to your company structure and activitiesin and around the design of your (neuro)inclusive workplace.

Working directly with your board members and executive teams, I help assess the key points of alignment between your company's strategy and the benefits of a (neuro)diverse workplace.

Working in tandem with your HR management team, I help design and steer the implementation of:

  • cognitive diversity and neurodiversity HRM policies, as well as any related change management

  • (neuro)inclusive recruitment and retention campaigns

  • (neuro)inclusiveness in performance management and assessment 

  • cultural readiness assessments vis-à-vis (neuro)diversity in your workplace

  • job carving and job crafting practices
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mondaycoach provides awareness workshops and trainings in and around cognitive diversity and neurodiversity, and the opportunities they bring.

Awareness workshops and trainings can be delivered online or on-site, to some or all of your employees, specific teams, HR managers, executive teams, or board members. They are designed as an introduction to the topics of cognitive diversity and neurodiversity at work, with a focus on adults with ADHD or ADHD traits.

Awareness workshops and trainings typically cover:

  • what traits make a difference at work

  • how and why they need to be recognised

  • how they affect thinking, collaboration and communication

  • strengths and challenges of atypical thinkers

  • proven strategies for success

Awareness workshops and trainings can be customised to suit a particular need, issue, or topic of interest to your organisation.



Sometimes, individuals, teams and organisations need help getting ready to embrace all types of talents and abilities. Onboarding and working with atypical profiles can bring challenges, misunderstandings, and even tensions, many of which are avoidable.

By coaching your team around the challenges of (neuro)diversity, I help create a space for your employees to make the most out of their potential and differences. This can contribute to creating a trusting and respectful environment with no 'elephants in the room'.

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